The day before CHEMOTHERAPY


Lying in my fancy chair bed tonight….listening to Kevin finally sleep, I can’t help but reflect on the past week.  Seriously.  A full week ago is when we arrived in this hospital.  And lucky for me, I am able to escape the confines of these walls at least once a day.   Breath some fresh air and clear my head.   Poor Kevin, has to stay inside.  Only the fresh air blowing in from the window, and his head so full of dilaudid that it would be impossible for him to clear his head.

What a whirlwind.  So much inform to absorb.  And it is not over yet.  We still have more tests to complete.  He needs and MRI to check for any involvement in his neck/spine or brain.  So far, he did have a CT scan with contrast since he was unable to do an MRI here at this hospital (there was a size issue as well as some pretty intense claustrophobia).  So tomorrow morning will be some efforts to see if arrangements can be made for Kevin to get an MRI at an open scan in the area.  Unfortunately, there is not one here at this hospital.

Tomorrow, Monday, March 17, 2014, Kevin’s 42nd birthday will be day 1 of chemotherapy.  We are praying for this treatment to do it’s job and begin to shrink the cancerous cells in his body.  We are hopeful that within a few days of treatment the cells will shrink enough to being to relieve some of the pain he has been experiencing so he can come home at the end of the week.  We covet your prayers for these things as well.  Through it all, the doctors and nurses continue to remind us that testicular cancer is treatable and because of that, we have hope.

How you can help now.    For the current time, my friend has set up this following website to help allow you to help with meals for our family.   You can use it to sign up for a day to bring a dinner to our family if you are able to help in this way.  Click here for more information on this way to help.

Today’s verse that gives me strength is:

Isaiah 41:10- Look to God’s Promises for Strength

‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ 

Thank you, God, for the strength to get through this day.

6 thoughts on “The day before CHEMOTHERAPY

  1. Barb

    We never know what is gong to be thrown into our lives, but when things like this happens we are given much inner strength. Tell Kevin happy birthday even though this is a tough one. it is amazing what we can survive with God, family and friends by our side. “aunt” Barb

  2. Denise Kemler-Bauer and Kendra Bauer

    To the Corbett Family: We here in PA are praying for all of you, especially Kevin’s quick recovery. God has a plan. We don’t like it sometimes, but it is His plan. Happy Birthday Kevin, and may you look back on this birthday next year and say “God is Good!”. Love to all of you. Denise and Kendra Bauer (friends of your mom, Donna)

  3. Andy DiMIzio

    You all are in our prayers and thoughts for strength and a positive outcome. We always knew Kevin to be a strong man, now we fully see the source of his strength in his wonderful, loving family.
    Andy and Terry DiMizio

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