Day 1…..DONE!


Fear, trepidation, anxiety, facing the unknown.  Leading up to today, the idea of chemotherapy, and all the side effects that can go along with it was mind blowing and overwhelming.  Will he feel sick immediately?  What will it look like.  How do we know it is working?

Well…today is now over.  And guess what….another thing checked off the list.  Day one is done.  Side effects were not noticeable today.  Less fear is left for chemotherapy day 2.  We do know that side effects can and most likely will come.  But so far, so good.

Today they changed the way that his pain is being managed.  It has removed much of the grogginess that he was experiencing and has allowed him to be more clear of mind this evening.  My prayer is that the pain will continue to be managed and that it won’t get out of control again.

The answer to prayer we received today was that the open MRI scan of his neck and brain will be done tomorrow.  Kaiser did authorize his transport to a near by open MRI scanner that will work for him.  So bright and early tomorrow morning, Kevin will get a field trip via ambulance to the Oxnard Grossman Imaging Center.   This will give us additional answers to some current unknowns.

Kevin had a lot of visitors today….a constant party in room 624.  He appreciates all of your phone calls and messages and visits.

I wish I had some photos handy to add to this post….we had some birthday cupcakes and other fun treats through the day.  Balloons, shamrocks and other festive decorations helped to brighten up the room and keep Kevin’s focused on kicking cancer’s ass by checking things off the list, one thing at a time.

Chemotherapy day one….check.

Tonight….I have a song instead of a verse.  He is an overcomer!

~If you are so inclined….click here to sign up to bring  a meal.

10 thoughts on “Day 1…..DONE!

  1. Barb

    hoping he does well with the open mri….have had them and they can be had to go though also. may each day turn a bit brighter for all of you

  2. Jackie Gibler

    Lisa I am holding Kevin and you in my prayers. I believe in the power of prayers – even from strangers!! Would you want your mother to put him on our prayer chain at church? When my brothers were diagnosed with cancer, I put their names on our prayer chain. It was a comfort to know that so many people were holding them in their prayers. May God surround both of you with his comforting love today as you begin another day in this journey.

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