Well, I guess I don’t really feel stable.  After 14 days with my husband in the hospital, with no clear picture of when he can go home, I could honestly say that I am feeling a little unstable.

BUT – Kevin seems to have stabilized a bit.  We are so grateful for all of your prayers and support.  We know that God is working all around us and for the past 24 + hours, Kevin has been in the CCU (or ICU or whatever) and the good news is his oxygen requirements have stayed pretty consistent and stable.  He is requiring a high flow of oxygen to keep his levels high enough, but for the time being he has not required a ventilator and we are thankful for that!  The blood transfusion really helped to put some color back in his face, relieved some of the shortness of breath and has decreased his anemia which is what was expected.  So another good thing.

Kevin did have his 5th day of chemotherapy yesterday and appeared to have no ill effects from that.  He slept for the majority of the day, which is great because he was relaxed enough and his body can work on the fight!

So for now, we wait.  Chemotherapy is a fine balance of toxicity being brought into the body to kill the cancer cells and preservation of the healthy cells.  As much as we would like to continue to assault the cancer cells with as much artillery as we can muster, his body needs a break to recover and avoid damage to necessary organs like kidneys and liver.  He is scheduled for his next chemotherapy dose on Tuesday.  So now, we wait.   We wait for the chemotherapy to do it’s job.  We wait for the cancer to stop spreading and we wait for the cancer to retreat.  Kevin can be more closely monitored in this unit and they have the correct equipment to give him the required  flow of oxygen, so until we see a reduction in the amount of oxygen required to keep him stable, he will remain in the CCU.  

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8 thoughts on “Stability

  1. Carol Biamonte

    Praying for Kevin. You and Kevin are such Warriors. Although I don’t personally know you I remember Kevin when he was in the acadamy with Darin. Your blog is so personal and honest I feel like I know you. Thank you for keeping us all updated on this amazing man ans his family.

  2. casey

    Know too well the feeling of waiting and hoping just for stability…thinking of you and your family, and wishing you all enough strength to pull you through the long days and nights!

  3. Michelle Cisneros

    Praying for continued healing♥♥♥ and for all of you to fill God’s peace and presence surrounding you. Hang in there.

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