15th Day Brings Progress


Today marked the 15th day Kevin was in the hospital.  Crazy when you really think about it.  But it was a good day….mostly.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful.  Kevin was able to keep his pulse ox to acceptable levels yesterday without any further increase in the oxygen flow….which was awesome because it meant he could stay on the high flow nasal cannula and not need to be ventilated.  He still wasn’t happy about the cannula, but it was certainly better than the other option!

He slept well through the night on Saturday and was even able to cut back a bit on his pain medication.  He waiting a little too long to ask for those pain meds and had a little pain rebound effect, but got it under control pretty quickly.

Today was good…with a little not so good sprinkled in.  He woke up this morning in good spirits and feeling pretty well rested.  (good)  But when they checked his vitals in the morning he had started to spike a fever (not so good).   This could be related to the chemo itself, or could be a sign of infection.  So more tests to determine if there is an infection.  In the meantime, they put him on some broad spectrum antibiotics to hopefully catch whatever is causing this fever right away.  Since chemotherapy kills cancer cells, but also kills the good guys and your immune system becomes compromised they will keep a careful eye on any fever.  Throughout the day he was feeling the effects of the past 5 days of chemotherapy and was pretty much wiped out but nothing too serious. (not so good)  This evening, they decided he had been having a stable pulse ox level for the past 24 hours, so they cut back his oxygen intake a bit to see if he could handle it……and  he did!  When I left him this evening he had been on the reduced flow for a few hours already and was still holding strong.  It did seem like he was working harder to breathe, but his levels were good and that is a sign of progress.  (good!)

So, overall I call today a good day with forward progress.  If he can keep his oxygen levels up at this intake and/or even reduce the intake a little more, he should be able to be moved out of the ICU/CCU and back up to a regular room where he could receive visitors (including his children!) and eventually as his lungs clear up even more, he should be able to come home.  We look forward to that day!

So….I see that God is sooo good.  He is answering your prayers and ours.  He is keeping us strong.  He is providing peace, strength, and good medical care.  He is healing.

We continue to covet your prayers for healing, strength, peace, courage.

Thank you to all who have already blessed us with the gift of a home cooked meal, and for those of you who have been helping in many other ways.  We are humbled by your love and support and can not begin to express how grateful we are for your love in our lives.

Lions and tigers and bears…oh my!  Here’s a few fun pictures of Kevin from his adventures on the Day (after day, after day) Fire.

Kevin & lion                        sept 2006 254

This is a storm in our life….but God will bring us through the storm.

We are praising Him in this storm!  Click here to hear my inspiration today.

3 thoughts on “15th Day Brings Progress

  1. Barb

    when Guy passed away my granddaughter Erika framed these words for me and I have tried to live by them, and they work for whatever adventure is in our paths…”.If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it”. so no matter how tough the problem, remember God never leaves your side

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