Going home….soon!


Lots of long days.  Thanks for lifting Kevin up in prayer specifically Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.  Thankfully, the difficulty he was experiencing Wednesday evening was related to chemotherapy and antibiotics and not due to any additional complications or infection.

Thursday was relatively uneventful here.  I like that!  He was able to spend some time on room air and not require the additional oxygen at all for periods of the day.  But too much activity, or even walking in the room to the rest room is exhausting for him and then he requires the oxygen to stabilize.  This is huge progress and we are grateful.

It looks like we will be going home today…..  YAY!!!!   All things are getting lined for his discharge (release!).  Just waiting to get all of the things I need to provide his care at home including medications, supplies and equipment. Our prayer requests for today include:  Kevin feeling comfortable at home, Kevin staying healthy at home with the family, kids all staying healthy.  Brianna has had a cold and Kevin’s immune system is compromised from the chemotherapy so we are just praying that we will be able to get Brianna to 100% health and keep Kevin from any complications.

We continue to praise God in this storm.  We continue to feel blessed by all of you who are surrounding us as we continue each step forward in this battle.


Jeremiah 33:6   “Behold, I will bring you health and cure, and I will cure you, and will reveal unto you the abundance of peace and truth.”



2 thoughts on “Going home….soon!

  1. Carol Biamonte

    Praying dIaily for Kevin, and also you Lisa….you are so strong & mighty and Kevin is a WARRIOR. Love Jeremiah 33:6…..it is oerfect for all.🙏💙

  2. Praising God! Will continue to pray for Kevin’s healing, healthy kids and for your strength and wisdom to carry on. Keep praising and thanking God each step of the way! This shows that you’re trusting Him. Trusting God is what the Christian life is all about.

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