Sunday, March 30, 2014


Just a quick update.

We are so happy to be home.    Blake has been gone at cub scout camp all weekend, so later this afternoon, we will have the whole family back together.  We are very much looking forward to that!

Kevin is excited to be home.  He is very week from so much time in the hospital but overall is doing very well.  His attitude is great and we are working on building up his strength while still keeping his pain managed.    If you are interested in visiting, please just call or text me first so I can confirm if it is a good time. (805.637.5134)

On Tuesday, he will be having his last chemotherapy of round 1.  This will be done at an outpatient center here in Ventura.    Based on how this went last week, he will probably not feel great Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.  But you never know, it could be totally different this week.

The following Monday, he will be readmitted to a hospital for 5 days of chemotherapy.  There has been a slight change in the chemotherapy regimen and we are not sure yet if he will be back at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, or if he will be going to Kaiser’s Sunset facility in Los Angeles.  We will be figuring that out this week.   CMH is convenient, but all of Kaiser’s best specialists will be in LA and after the 4 rounds of chemotherapy, Kevin will likely need additional procedures done by other specialists and the sooner that we get under their care, the better it will be for the future treatments.

Thanks again for your support as we walk through the fire.






2 thoughts on “Sunday, March 30, 2014

  1. Robin (Lidz) Adrian

    Thank you for the updates Lisa, it is very much appreciated! I am so happy to hear your whole family will all be together, I think that will make everyone feel at least a little better 🙂 You all continue to be in the thoughts and prayers of my family and I. We are sending all our love and prayers. ~ Robin, Paul & Megan

  2. stacyah

    Praise the Lord he is home. The ladies at W.O.W. have been asking about you and praying for Kevin and your family. Thank you for posting these updates. We are always so grateful to get news of Kevin’s progress. We miss you at Bible study. Sending you a great big hug. Love Stacy

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