Happy Easter – 2014


 Happy Easter!



We neglected to take a family photo today…..but got this picture on Good Friday (Blake was with a friend).   We continue to feel so blessed today…..We enjoyed a beautiful meal courtesy of Ventura Fire Department’s association and auxiliary women’s group.  They brought us a feast fit for a king….to share with our family today for Easter.    Thank you to all of you who donated of your time, energy, finances and love to make our Easter Sunday stress free and full of delicious food and beautiful baskets for the kids too!

This week has been a good one for Kevin.  He was able to attend the head shave and blood drive held at SBFD this week in his honor.

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That same evening was Good Friday and after a nice long nap, he attended the Good Friday service at VMS and was able to be blessed by hearing Brianna lead Like An Avalanche as well as hearing Doug Colby’s powerful message.

Saturday, Kevin was able to make to it to Blake’s baseball game.  It was a beautiful day for baseball watching and to top it off…Blake had a great hit and scored a few runs too.

Today is Sunday…Easter, and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at home followed by church at 11.  Then some more family  joined us for lunch.  It was great food (thanks again Ventura FD!) and great company.

This week Kevin continues to be ‘off’ of treatment, but he has a very busy schedule of appointments this week.  Every day Tuesday through Friday Kevin has at least one appointment.  Most of them local, but Friday will take us back to Los Angeles to meet with some of the specialists.

Our prayer requests this week include:  peace and tranquility within Kevin for his MRI on Wednesday at 1:30pm.  He really dislikes MRI’s (ok, maybe hate it the best word!) so we just pray that he will be able to be calm enough to tolerate the MRI and be still enough so the images are very clear!







2 thoughts on “Happy Easter – 2014

  1. Robin (Lidz) Adrian

    Praying that all appointments go well, with extra prayers for a peaceful and smooth, anxiety free MRI tomorrow! Thank you for the updates Lisa.

  2. Eric Rossler

    Hey Bro, I’ve been following your site/progress on a regular basis. Keep up the strong work & and know I’m there for you! 97-1, My Friend is what it’s about. Let me know if you need “ANYTHING”!

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