Chemo working :-)


Just a quick update….on Tuesday Kevin had blood work done to check a few things.  His tumor marker that was previously off the charts… rapidly plummeting!  It was at a peak of 625,000….after round one it came down to 220,000…..after round two it is down to 5,500.    That is some major progress!  (the goal is to have the number be less than 2.5).

An MRI of the brain was completed yesterday.  Kevin did well with the medication that we were given for him to take prior to the test and was able to be very relaxed and complete the MRI without any difficulty.  We have not yet gotten the results yet, but are hoping that they will be available tomorrow as we meet with some additional specialists to discuss some of the ‘next step’ treatment options for after the initial treatment of 4 rounds of chemotherapy (VIP) is completed.

Monday will be the start of round 3.  Back to Community Memorial Hospital in the morning on Monday, for some more cancer killing cocktail.  Another week closer to kicking cancer’s ass!

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4 thoughts on “Chemo working :-)

  1. Anita

    Jesus, You are amazing! Thank You for being with Kevin, giving him peace and calmness. Thank You for healing him. In Jesus’ name amen amen and amen

  2. Lori rude

    That is Awesome news!!! Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Continued prayers for all. May God continue to bless you and the family with peace in his promises, strength through his word and love shown to you from all of your friends and family. Much love, Lori, Chris and Kylie Rude

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