Reality Bites


Sometimes…..reality really does bite.  Since March 9, 2014 there hasn’t been a lot of strings of ‘great days’ but we keep trying to make the best of it.  Today was a difficult one to keep the positive spin.  In addition to Kevin’s challenges….Blake has been having some growing pains and making some bad decisions lately. Please pray for him to trust the Lord.  Pray for Blake to stay close to Him.

Today, Kevin had a follow up CT scan.  This scan was being done at the conclusion of the third round of chemotherapy to get a visual of what is going on in there.  The ‘tumor markers’ tell a story – that cancer is responding, but don’t necessarily tell how much.  We did find out yesterday that the beta HCG level that was once 620,000 is now approximately 1950.  (normal is less than 2.5)  So there has been more perceived progress….but still a long way from normal.

I was honestly hoping that the size of the retroperotineal mass (large abdominal tumor) was going to be significantly smaller and the lungs would be filled with significantly more normal tissue and less cancer.  Unfortunately, the report did not show the same.

The CT scan showed that there has been some decrease in the total amount of cancer in Kevin’s lungs and in his retroperitoneal cavity.  But not a significant decrease.  Still far too much cancer to be able to have a clean up surgery, or be close to cure.  This was more than slightly discouraging.  Additionally, the CT scan revealed a new bone lesion presumed to be cancer on his spine (at L3).

Kevin continues to have increased difficulty breathing due to the pulmonary em bolus.  We are all set to go to Seattle on Monday to meet with Dr. Craig Nichols, one of the top Testicular Cancer Specialists in the world and our prayer request today (in addition to the Blake request) is for Kevin’s lungs to be well enough to travel, and for us to clearly know and understand if it is indeed safe for him to make this trip.  Our oncologist has indicated that she feels ok with Kevin traveling, but there is still some concern.  His retroperitoneal tumor is pressing on the inferior vena cava and this can cause more clots which can be extremely dangerous.  He is on a blood thinner to help prevent clots, but there is still risk.  Our prayer is always for healing but also for clarity in knowing if we should make this trip or not.


We still believe that God is good.  His timing is perfect.  We don’t always understand.  But we trust.

1 Chronicles 16:34
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.




8 thoughts on “Reality Bites

  1. Patty Shay Gingrich

    Prays continue for U all Please try not to worry to much about the new lesion. I know that this is so hard not to worry and hope this helps. A year after my lung surgery and Chemo treatments 3 new lesions on my lungs showed up plus one on my liver and 1 on my kidney so far so good – they haven’t turned into full fledge Cancer. Did they mention ground glass capacity? That means it shows up as abnormal lesions/cells that need to be watched but doesn’t mean it will turn into cancer. My lesions/mass are classified as pre-cancer meaning the potential is there for cancer to develop but not necessarily going to. Stay strong and peace be with you.

  2. Barb

    prayers, as the above says there are no words. Easy for us to say keep the faith and hard to understand all going on in your lives. am sure God will surround Blake with protection and love. prayer is the only answer right now

  3. Mary Billings

    Lisa, I am so going to keep praying for Kevin, Blake, you and the girls. I know that scripture says to count our trails good, but God knows that this is hard to do at such a time. I hope you are experiencing his presence because honestly how would you fair without him? God is still in the miracle business. Praise God! We ask this in his holy name. Mary

  4. Brian Porter SBFD

    tHINK AND PRAY FOR YOU OFTEN, kEEP FIGHTING. Also do you need any work done around the house? I’ll available. Porter

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