Small v…..victory


Another stressful week.

Kevin has an MRI last week (Friday).  He tackled his fears (with some Xanax) and completed a full MRI in a regular machine.  Pretty big accomplishment and he was determined to give the best picture possible.

Monday Kevin had CT scan.  This scan included contrast.  After the contract IV was inserted he was instructed to lift his arm over his head…..his arm proceeded to fill with contrast instead of having it fill his veins.  Crazy stuff.


We received the results of the CT & MRI today and both showed nothing new negative and minor improvements in all areas… that is Victory!

I submitted a formal grievance with Kaiser last week in hopes to get Kevin to a testicular cancer specialist for his care.  He does have a complicated case and this request should not be seen as frivolous request.   However, we had extreme difficulty getting any one to submit an out of network request on our behalf.  We were told several times we would need to appeal, but how do you appeal a decision that has never been made?  It was all weird.  And stressful.

Anyways, last week, I made a grievance. Early this week, we received a form to complete with Kevin’s signature indicating it was ok for me to make the request on his behalf.  We returned this early this week.  Today..Friday morning at 9am, while I was at the gym, I received a call from Kaiser’s grievance office.  It was strange, but welcome.   Brayden advised me that he had until Sunday at 11:10am to make a final decision.  He also advised me that I would be afforded 10 minutes to plead my case to “the board” around 4pm today.  So this evening at 4pm I got on the phone.  I had a silent 10 minutes to plead our case.  It was horrifying.  What if I didn’t say the right things?  What if I didn’t express the urgency?  What if????  After I completed my plea, the board was given the opportunity to ask questions…they had none.  Even more nerve wracking.

At 8pm….I was drinking some wine….and playing cards with my girls.   And my phone rang.  The same area code and # that called me at 9am.  Seriously?  Brayden was still working at 8pm on Friday night.

He advised me that…..Kaiser denied our request for outside treatment.  BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>

Kaiser approved a second opinion with Dr. Danashmand at USC.  Then, based on his recommendation, they may approve further treatment if what he suggests is not something that Kaiser offers.  This is a victory…currently with a little v…..but I am seeing that this is a BIG V in the future.

Praise God….He is good. ….I think I need to remember this!


5 thoughts on “Small v…..victory

  1. Carol Biamonte

    Am continueing my prayers for Kevin, you. Lisa , your family snd the the Dr’s at USC. God is good and has been answering prayers. Love & prayers, Carol Biamonte

  2. Mike Myers

    I’m sure this is process must be exasperating. I would encourage you to continue just trusting God to get through one day at a time. The Myers family will continue to pray for the Corbett family…

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