USC Referral & a little escape


On Tuesday of this week (July 1st) Kevin had his consultation with Dr. Daneshmand at USC.   We found our meeting with him to be positive, and very informative.  Dr. Daneshmand has dealt with Kaiser in the past, and said that it can be difficult, but since Kevin does have a very complicated case, he will definitely recommend that due to the additional complications of his case he be treated at a high volume testicular cancer center (which USC is).

One of the exciting things that he told us was that when he does the post-chemo RPLND he does not go through the abdominal cavity but works around it so that the hospital stay is actually 2-4 days instead of 9-14 days.  Kaiser should be stoked to save 10’s of thousands of dollars by having Dr. Daneshmand do this surgery.  And Kevin will be super excited to have the reduced recovery time and hospitalization.

After we finished our appointment, we headed out to Palm Springs for a few days in the desert.  We realized that this was our only opportunity this summer where at least one of the kids wasn’t involved in some camp or activity so we thought it might be a good time to have a little getaway.  It was hot (highest 109) but the pool was nice, the air-conditioning worked well and we enjoyed some time together.

We should be hearing from Dr. Daneshmand and Kaiser sometime next week, so we shall keep you posted.

Persevering in prayer is like rowing a boat upstream;  if you do not persevere, you will be carried downstream by the current.





5 thoughts on “USC Referral & a little escape

  1. Mary Ellen Collins (Aunt)

    I am so happy he is going to be at USC. A shorter stay, less invasive treatment – Yeah!
    I’ll keep praying,

  2. Robin (Lidz) Adrian

    This is really great news! So very happy to hear 🙂
    I am very happy you were able to get away for a bit as well!

  3. Betsy McCall

    Lisa, thanks for the update. I’m glad you finally got the other opinion and that Kevin gets the best care. It has been such a battle for all of you. Rest assured I am still remembering Kevin and all the family in my prayers. Much Love, Betsy

  4. Mike Myers

    Great news!!! Kevin, I have something to send you… a gift from the Captain for the Osprey who came to our airport last week. I’ll put it in the mail today! Keep the chin up friend!

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