Lessons in flexibility


We haven’t always been know for our flexibility with plan changes.  God definitely has been working on us on this area.  Today we arrived for the first day of stem cell harvesting.   We were told to anticipate a delay with the system.  Recently the computer system at USC has been upgraded and conversions don’t often go smoothly.  

It took over 30 minutes to get checked in due to some missing insurance information.   Like ALL of it was missing.  Finally got that handled…then blood work to make sure everything was ok.  Unfortunately,  even though Kevin has been experiencing some significant bone pain…. his white blood count was not high enough for harvest.  The doctor assured us that this is normal and he should be fine to go forward tomorrow.   But today he was not ready.  The dr. ordered an additional medication. … Bringing the number of daily injections to 7…… but this medication should help mobilize those stem cells and hopefully tomorrow will be the first day of successful stem cell harvest.

So….we made the best of it.

Explored LA and found some of these



Then looked for a restaurant that had parking somewhere nearby (this was a challenge) and ended up at Phillpe’s famous french dip sandwiches since 1908.


Then made it back to Keck hospital for a pulmonary function test.  It required many steps, but the worst for Kevin was sitting inside a clear tube…fully enclosed, with his nose plugged, trying to breath through a special tube and machine.  We didn’t ask questions about the test in advance and some ativan might have been helpful… but he did complete the test and live to tell about it!   Whew. 

Never a dull moment in this journey. 

Pray for lots of white blood cells and stem cells mobilized for tomorrow’s attempt at harvest!

Much love and appreciation,
Lisa and Kevin

3 thoughts on “Lessons in flexibility

  1. Herrera Olga

    Somewhere in all of this…God has a plan. Sorry Kevin you have to go through all this s&*t…I know that you are a survivor and will kick Cancer’s ass! I pray each day for healing light and energy to you and your family.

  2. Melissa Duker

    Thank you for including me in this journey, Lisa. Our new Bible Study Group will be holding you and Kevin and your family up to the Lord every day! xoxoxo Melissa

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