Not enough to more than enough


Tuesday, his white blood count was 29 million (Monday is was 4.4)  So they were confident he was ready to start the collection process.  We previously were told this collection process could take from 2 – 5+ days.  Since Kevin wasn’t able to harvest on Monday, we kind of thought that he may require lots of additional days.  However, the extra medication that they gave Kevin was called Mobizile.  (We found out that it costs approximately $25,000 per dose.) Apparently, it does it’s job though.  It mobilizes the stem cells and gets them moving through the blood for collection.  Tuesday after 5 hours connected to the machine….over 14 million stem cells were collected!  The total number needed for all 3 of his upcoming transplants is 6 million….so after this one collection, he was good to go.

We were certainly surprised, but definitely pleased with this result!

Courtney’s birthday is tomorrow, and the kids have a 4 day weekend, so we are looking forward to having some good family time this weekend before he hits the cancer hard starting next Monday with more and more chemotherapy.


Her hair has grown out quite a bit since March….but this picture always reminds me just how special she is….Happy 14th Birthday, Courtney!


3 thoughts on “Not enough to more than enough

  1. Robin (Lidz) Adrian

    What an encouraging and happy post! We are so glad to hear that the collection went so well and we wish you a wonderful, fun, family filled weekend! Happy birthday to Courtney 🙂 We are praying for you all~

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