High Dose Chemo round 1

Feeling good

Feeling good….out for some laps

I know some of you were wondering how things are going.  Kevin has completed receiving all of the high dose chemo and his stem cells have been reintroduced for round 1 of 3.  We are told to expect the worst point to be 7- 12 days after he receives his stem cells back.  The doctor called them the misery days.  For now, he feels pretty good and we walk a lot of laps each day around the floor.  18 laps equals one mile.

He has been doing very well so far.  The first 24 hours was a little rough, but I think that may have been attributed to the anxiety from reading all the possible side effects of the chemo.  We have had this information before, but Kevin hadn’t really been too interesting in reading it.  Right before they started the chemo they brought in a paper with the potential side effects listed.  The one that was the most concerning was possible vision loss.  Kevin told the nurse he read the side effects and changed his mind.  He wasn’t gonna do it.  The nurse was really taken aback.  It was Kevin’s typical humor.  I think.  I mentioned it would not do him any good to see if he wasn’t alive.  So he agreed to go ahead with the treatment.

Nurses are the best!

Nurses are the best!

Other than that, Kevin has been feeling pretty relatively well.  He has been having a lot of headaches, but other feared side effects so far have never popped up due to all the preventative medications they give to help avoid all the possible side effects.

Today’s stem cell reintroduction went really smoothly and he would have slept through the whole thing had his nurse not woke him up to eat some oranges to help counteract some of the potential negative experiences of the transplant.  The only thing he noticed was a slight weird taste in his mouth, but he enjoyed eating the oranges and that seemed to mask the taste.  As soon as the stem cells were infused, he went right back to sleep.  (A large dose of benedryl was one of the pre-meds!)

So far, he feels so much better than he expected.  We await ‘the misery days’.  In the meantime, thanks for all your prayers and support while Kevin continue’s to kick cancer’s ass!

Life saving stuff

   Life saving stuff  

Watching the cells return

Watching the cells return


14 thoughts on “High Dose Chemo round 1

  1. Tim & Carrie

    Always thinking of you and your family Kevin. All our hopes and prayers are with you every day. Kick cancers ass big fella!!!!

  2. Jef Burns

    Glad to hear things are going well with this round, so far. Know that you are all in our prayers (at least every nite with Jackson 🙂 Let me know if there is anything I can do for ya’ll.

  3. Don and Chris Coleman

    KEVIN looks great for all he has been through. We are with you in prayer and I see you putting
    up a major battle to beat this horrible cancer. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, we want to hear
    about Kevin’s growing success in the days to come. God bless you all, Don and Chris Coleman

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