Round 1 Hi Dose Chemo Stem Cell Rescue COMPLETE


On Thursday morning during rounds I was sleeping when the Dr’s came in my room to check on me.  I was immediately asked if I wanted to go home “yes of course” was my response I looked across the room to see Lisa, she was not there. I was sure I was dreaming. The doctors tracked her down and got her back in the room, and I told her we could go home.

Well, after a long day of waiting and processing we did not leave the hospital until 8:30 pm. This was absolutely annoying and we feel unacceptable.  We will be contacting management.

We had a rough two weeks, the Hi dose chemo seemed to go in fine with minimal effects. The Stem cell transplant was a minimal adventure and painless, the days immediately following were filled with minimal discomfort. Then came Thursday night and thats when the “misery days” began.  I would refer to these days as the “break down days”.  I was broken to the core.  I felt like the lowest of lows (numbers and counts were rock bottom) and was in so much pain daily and discomfort I wanted no visitors, no wife in room.  I wanted to be pain free. I wanted to get out.  I was very depressed, because nothing was working to make me feel better. I developed a series of fevers, and a particularly painful infection which lets just say, was is a pretty big pain in the ass to deal with.  This is actually why I feel we were discharged, they could not fix me so hopefully my numbers go up and I heal.

I have to say thanks to Alex Hamilton Smith from Oxnard Fire.  He helped out with transportation this week and when my kids were able to visit, he took them home for us.  He was in town for a class and came.  Thank you so much it was such a huge help!  Also had a few visits from Dad.

We return to repeat the process (hopefully not all the bad parts)  and go from there. I will go back to start 3 days of Hi Dose chemo on either 10/30 or 10/31.  I will take visitors anytime up to 11/4  after that I will be in lock down and not really be wanting to see or talk to anyone for a while.  We appreciate the prayers and support. Now just because I don’t want to see anyone after Wednesday, don’t forget about my rockstar, Lisa.  She is always available for lunch or dinner, and since she has in and out privileges.

11 thoughts on “Round 1 Hi Dose Chemo Stem Cell Rescue COMPLETE

  1. Robin (Lidz) Adrian

    We are so happy to hear that you are home for a while and hope you are able to enjoy every moment! We are sorry things got so brutal and are hopeful that next time won’t be so bad. We send you and your family lots of prayers and healthy, healing, positive thoughts. Take care!

    • Thank you I got your latest card and it was very timely, not sure I can be thankful for misery or even get some peace out of it. I prayed alot and it took a bit long to release me from my HELL.

  2. Alex Hamilton

    Courtney told me you guys need me to get another meal over to you guys. Let me know when you’ve got an appetite back and cook you up another feast brother!

  3. Chaplain Jerry

    Needless to say, our prayers are continuing for you and your family, comfort and healing for you, and peace for the family.
    Chaplain Jerry

  4. Jef Burns

    Great to read a post from YOU, Kevin 🙂 Know that you guys are always in our prayers. Glad to hear this series is over and hopefully you can get some recovery and start the bounce back. PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys.

  5. Shannon Ferris

    Kevin- I was there the first day I found out you were battling cancer. It upset me so much that your family would have to go through this battle. I gladly helped prepare your home and be with you during first rounds of chemo. I saw first hand Lisa’s incredible strength those days, her concern and fear was soon consumed with love, perseverance to be there for you, to be an advocate for you with the doctors, and to be a rock for that family among all those who have since stepped forward to be there anyway they can. Lisa is amazing as are you and I knew she could and will fight this with you until you are confirmed cancer free. I love you and Lisa. She is a rock star!

    Being best of friends growing up and knowing Karen & family since a baby, I have always wanted only the best for all the corbett family! (and that means generations to come through your awesome kids and brother’s!) I have appreciated so much their visits and phone calls and encouraging text since I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started my path through surgery, chemo and what I am supposed to do throughout 12 months plus of suggested treatment!

    My last 6 days have been so awful since infusion but I think of all the good things I can still do and enjoy even when it is so hard. It sucks being curled up feeling like shit and wanting to not feel like i’m going to puke. Or doing as much as you can on good days and hating how you can’t on bad days but using that energy to to do what you can in such a positive way for your family. I understand when it sucks Kevin. Our families, friends, high school friends, brotherhood in fire and people you may not even realize want you to be cancer free. Our prayers and thoughts are focused on that outcome.

    BY god’s grace and healing, we will both be cancer free to live out a long happy life with our families. You are tough. Lisa is tougher` darn straight she has privileges in and out LOL I have appreciated you two encouraging me to fight and how to fight because this nice girl is turning into one tough bitch! I mean warrior hahaha. My family and I are fighting in the rink next to yours. No matter how ugly it gets, and beat up we might look and feel, lets keep our boxing gloves on til we get the knock out one -two punch!

    Remember God’s army of angles is fighting with you! Already Lisa and your family have reported on small victories that were not thought possible. Luke 1:37 I since discovered says ” For with God, nothing will be impossible!” And Remember His promises (even those of peace and joy in all this awfulness )
    God always does what he says
    Psalms 145:13
    Stay strong, keep your chin up

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