Recovering well


When Dennis and I finally got to see Kevin last night he was not intubated and was awake when we got to the ICU.  He was kept in the ICU to keep a close eye on him since his blood pressure was low due to the removal of the portion of the inferior vena cava.

He was in lots and lots of pain and extremely thirsty but otherwise doing great.  I guess during the almost 12 hour surgery they had his arms splayed out straight on the table and his arms were hurting almost as much as his incision because they were so stiff.   His arms feel much better this morning but the rest of him in still in significant pain. 

We got a few hours of sleep and  he got cleaned up this morning.  He is waiting on the doctors rounding and hopes to get moved to a regular room today.  He is in good spirits  but is in more pain than he was expecting. 

4 thoughts on “Recovering well

  1. Lisa, praise God! I’m so happy for all of you! A huge milestone behind you. Tell Kevin I am thinking of him and wish his pain to subside quickly! Tell him I love him too! KB.

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