Surgery update


6:30pm…..what a day.  Kevin and I left the house at 3:30am…and I left him in the OR at 7:15am…..and finally he is out of surgery.

Dr. said things were incredibly complicated….as he expected…but that all went well. He was able to remove the mass and a portion of the vena cava as expected.   He will be in recovery and sounds like spending the night in the icu.  Since he previously had a chemotherapy medication called bleomycin they don’t want to  give him oxygen, so they may keep him intubated overnight. 

Dr. also said that they biopsied the spine but when looking closely at it they didn’t feel like it was involved with the tumor.  He said it appeared that the mass was up against it but they were able to scrape it off and it wasn’t infiltrated in the spine.

A few more hours before I can see him and he won’t wake up until tomorrow.

I just want to say thank you from our whole family for all of your prayer support.  We are so thankful for your love and support.  I will keep you posted as I know more.

With gratitude,

9 thoughts on “Surgery update

  1. John Carrillo

    Prayers are still in order .. Hang tough brother you got this .. Lisa God bless are truly a wonderful woman so strong and giving .. Thank you for the updates ..

  2. Carol Biamonte

    That is great news Lisa. This has been quite a journey. I pray this long journey will soon be over.
    You are such a warrior Lisa. I really admire you. Prayers abundsnt coming your way.
    Love & prayers, Carol Biamonte

  3. Wow… what an amazing journey. God bless you Lisa for standing by Kevin’s side through this battle. He truly is in God’s favor to have such a rock for a wife. Kevin, I will continue to pray for your complete recovery and comfort through the healing process. Congratulations on all of your amazing success.

  4. Aunt Deb

    Glad to hear. Thank you for the official update and know that Dennis Sr. passed on details in the meantime that made it through the grapevine. Thank you Dennis and God bless you Lisa and your beautiful family for getting Kevin to this point. You are so special.

  5. Lori Rude

    That’s great news! Will continue keeping all of you in our prayers. It’s been an unbelievable long stressful day for you. praying for a very restful night. Lori

  6. Andrew lee

    Sending you love and strength!! Your family’s toughness is truly inspiring. Can’t wait to see Kevin back on a fire engine!!

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