One Year “Anniversary”


It’s not an anniversary I would like to celebrate.  The anniversary of the beginning of this nightmare of a year.  The first day Kevin’s cancer was confirmed.  The day we ‘owned’ the dreaded words, testicular cancer.

I can not believe it’s been a year.  In some ways, it seems like longer.  I have trouble remembering what life was like before this storm.  In other ways, it seems like only yesterday.  Time is weird like that. This year has been a test for our family.  But, by the grace of God, we have survived it.  And dare I say even thrived a bit.  There have been 100 days as an inpatient in the hospital, countless doctors appointments, thousands of blood draws, 9 rounds of chemotherapy, 3 stem cell transplants, 2 surgeries and a pulmonary embolism ( not necessarily in that order!)

My children have spent 100 days this year without their parents at home.  I have been by Kevin’s side almost every single day.  Almost 30% of the year.  I can’t imagine what that was like for them.  But they have been amazing.  Staying focused on school, keeping their grades up, excelling in all they do despite the major disruption to their lives.

Kevin is recovering well.  He is a pillar of strength.  Each step in the treatment and recovery process he does with the end goal of getting back to work.  Getting back to his other family.  The family that has supported us and loved us through this ordeal.  We are forever grateful and no words can accurately express how much this has meant to us.  To each of you reading this, your prayers, visits, trips to costco, good thoughts, gifts of service, meals, rides for kids, building bicycles, and more…..we are forever thankful.  THANK YOU!  We never would have made it through this without you.

This past week, Kevin has had the privilege of getting back in his uniform.  It was great to see him up and moving and exciting to hear his passion as he had the privilege of providing support instead of the receiving it.

At this moment in time, Kevin is done with active treatment. He is recovering from the trauma his body has been through this past year.  He will be watched closely and monitored to ensure that the cancer is dead.  The large tumor and involved lymph nodes have all been removed and after the last chemo treatments all the tissue was necrotic (dead).  He still has ‘stuff’ in his lungs.  It is likely that it is ‘dead stuff’ ….aka scar tissue and that is our hope.  Kevin will have scans and blood work next checked at the end of April.  Until then, he is working on getting stronger and excited to be working modified duty and be connected again with his fire family.


Our motto has been Keep Calm and Kick Cancer’s Ass….Kevin has done this all year!

We believe that God does answer prayers.  We don’t understand why he allows us to go through the hard things.  But we do know that he is faithful.

Matthew 21:22 And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

With Love and Gratitude,



10 thoughts on “One Year “Anniversary”

  1. Olga Herrera Pinal

    It has been a long journey for your whole family, especially for Kevin. Yes we never know how our life is going to play our, but what a beautiful outcome. Kevin looks great, I know he probably doesn’t feel so great at times, but attitude is 95% of what matters and judging from the picture of Kevin…he has 110% positive attitude! Congrats! Thank you Lisa for being such an eloquent writer! You kept us in the light with your inspiring writings.

  2. Don Colema

    Kevin and Lisa,

    We are so happy for your wonderful news about Kevin’s recovery going so well. Yes God does answer payers and we will continue to pray for Kevin and you , along with your wonderful family.
    Thanks for keeping us posted and we are looking forward to seeing Kevin back in action with his fire department team when the time is right. God bless you all, Don and Chris Coleman

  3. Such great comments Lisa. One thing we all know for sure: He could not have done it without you! He is a blessed man…. and so are we. We too are so grateful for the progress Kevin made and what a treat it is now to see him back at work. Congratulations to you, Kevin and the SBFD! God Bless the Corbetts.

  4. Linda Stegman

    So thankful for Kevin’s healing. I know that you, Kevin and your family’s faith and walk with the Lord have been strengthened by what you have been through this past year (Romans 8;28, 29.) Praying for continued healing and renewed strength for Kevin.

  5. Jeff & Carolee Peterson

    Though an amazingly hard journey – beyond words – prayers have been answered in spades. I’m so thankful that you included me in the journey, though I’ve only been able to pray at a distance. May this year of healing be one of strength and encouragement and new beginnings. Blessings on you all, Carolee

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