May 2015 updates


A long day in LA….but these LA visits are now fewer and further in between and I am so thankful!

Kevin saw his hematologist and oncologist today following up on his current status and his recovery.  It was really all great news.  His tumor markers (measured with blood tests) were all within normal range.  His blood counts are still recovering from transplant, but continuing to trend in the right direction.  He had his chest scanned…but there was some mistake on the orders and his abdomen and pelvis were not scanned today.  But his chest scan showed his lung tumors to have continued to decrease in number and size since his last scan earlier this year.  AWESOME news!

The only negative news has to do with an injection he has to take daily because of his elevated clot risk.  He hates it….and basically was told it is the only/best option for him right now and he may have to continue for 6 months. He is not happy.   Pray for him to have peace with this necessary evil so he doesn’t dread that time every day.

He was given the all clear to do as much as he physically can do and just continue to regain his strength and stimina.  He will get the other scan in a few weeks and then see the surgeon…..followed by a  recheck of all things in August.  

Life is getting back to ‘normal’. It is a new normal and we are still figuring it out….but God has been good and we are embracing figuring it out.  I started a new job last week and Kevin is working modified duty right now.  So life is starting to be filled with less doctor appointments and more regular daily activities. 

And he gets to enjoy life again.


Thank you all for your amazing support through this journey….I pray for your health to be protected and full of God’s blessings!


8 thoughts on “May 2015 updates

  1. Carol Dansereau (Foster Mom to Sunshine Cougarfoot)

    Many folks out here who are so happy to hear your good news, Corbett family! Praise the LORD!

  2. Don Coleman

    Kevin and Lisa, what great news to hear and we know how you need to hold on to all the good
    news to keep you motivated through all the treatments your going through. Just know we are
    praying for you and your full recovery from this horrible cancer. May God bless you and your
    May God hold you in his hands, Don and Chris Coleman

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