A letter from Chief McElroy



It is with great admiration that I would like to announce the return to full duty of Fire Engineer Kevin Corbett. As of September 22nd, Kevin will be released by his Dr.’s at the Norris Center. Kevin and his family’s journey has been an inspirational one to all of us. Kevin’s love for his career was an instrumental part of his recovery and we are so happy to have him back.

Welcome back Kevin.



Victorious in the battle.   Thank you, God.   Enough said.


24 thoughts on “A letter from Chief McElroy

  1. John Harber

    This is the most Wonderful news I’ve heard in a very long time. Kevin, you are a True Hero and Inspiration. Much love and Happiness.

  2. Lynne Klamser

    Wow! We rejoice with you and your family. High fiving God! And thanking Him. Thank you for letting friends go on this journey…. You are amazing….

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  3. Sheila Collins

    That’s absolutely positively wonderful news! Your hard work, perseverance, commitment, and prayers paid off — Thanks be to GOD!!! Much love & many hugs, Grandpa Jim & Sheila

  4. Donald Coleman

    Thank you Lord for giving us back Kevin! We are so happy and thankful for this wonderful message about Kevin. Take care and may the Lord keep on blessing you and your family.                                                                                              Love, Don and Chris   

  5. Margaret Costello

    I was just thinking about you. Hadn’t heard or seen any posts. So it was a wonderful surprise to see that you are feeling good and returning to work. Congratulations. This is superb. I thank God for your blessings.

  6. Kevin

    I am truly Blessed. God is Great. I am grateful for ALL of the SUPPORT Prayers, help, everything. My family has been blessed by all of your love and prayers. Thank you!!!

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