We are using this website to keep our friends and family updated on Kevin’s battle with cancer.

Thank you for your love and support during this extremely challenging time for our family.

Brianna, Courtney, Lisa, Blake & Kevin

Brianna, Courtney, Lisa, Blake & Kevin

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Dave Garboski "Garbo"

    I am sorry to hear this, have you guys heard or looked into CBD (cannabidiol)? Or as some people call it simpson oil? There is a lot of stuff out there showing that this can naturally cure cancer. http://phoenixtears.ca/ Might be worth looking into. My Best to Kevin, Garbo

  2. Fara Kneitel

    Just wanted you all to know im thinking about you here in fl! Kevin you are SO strong that i know you will beat this with ease!

  3. Amy Fields

    Wishing you and your family strength and comfort in this difficult time, and praying for a full and speedy recovery.

  4. Jerry Dickerson

    Kevin and Lisa,
    All your lives together you’ve both been a “I’ve got this” kind of couple, whether it was getting married, starting and raising a family, changing jobs, or moving and buying a house. With that “I’ve got this”, take charge attitude, all things are possible. Try to maintain that attitude throughout this ultimate challenge. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day.

  5. Aunt Deb

    You and your family are amazing. Me and mine have been praying for you since day one, but tonight we resumed a family tradition we haven’t tortured the neighbors with in a few seasons….

    Over the years (ironically considering your profession) we light camp fires in our yard and say our prayers and/or sometimes just camp on a budget. After the new year we used to
    SAFELY (except for one time) burn off the Christmas tree and save the core for a little country d├ęcor. The last few years we let that go out of respect for the neighbors (even though it’s a clean and quick burn) Know what I’m saying? Anyhow…,.(Sorry no pix-I do not afford a cell)

    Tonight we warned the neighbors, kept the hose close and lit up our Christmas tree with you and yours in mind. (Wind had died down so don’t even go there Mr.) I said a rosary in advance of your surgery and added a couple beads of my own. I made a point of telling God and Mother Mary to get it together and get your ass back in a truck as soon as possible. Ventura County needs you.

    Very happy to have spoken to you today. We love you KP. Hang tough.

  6. Laura Csoni

    Hi Lisa, This is Laura from the TC-NET listserv. Was hoping to connect privately to learn more about Kevin’s experiences and in general how you helped support him. Thank you so much for your email and sharing this blog!

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